Howto add settings to configured integrations

Using MQTT Mosquitto broker which is setup via Integrations and that’s working fine.
But I can’t edit the config via the Integrations page. Clicking on the MQTT integration gives an empty page.

I now want to add birth_message and will_message. How can I add settings to this config? The only solutions I can think off are deleting the integration or adding these settings in config.yaml, but both seem not very logic.

If you’re not using MQTT discovery I don’t think there’s any point in using the integration. Add them to config and then the integration will show it’s managed by config yaml.

Or turn on discovery and set what you want in the devices themselves.

I am using Discovery and that works great with Zigbee2MQTT. But after a restart of HA the states of the devices are not stored. That’s why I want to add the birth and will settings. But with the current setup I don’t see how.
Surely there must be a way to edit the config which is setup via integrations?

I’ve only used Tasmota and they do the same thing… but I can either wait 5 minutes for them to get the next Tele message or use an automation to request the state. Not sure what control you have with zigbee… But there’s nothing you can set in the integration… everything is set on the device itself.

Hi Guys,
not sure about Zigbee2MQTT, but I’m using Mosquitto as my MQTT server and I had to configure it to save “retained” MQTT messages so they would stick over reboots.

Have a look in this direction, I think this will solve your issue.


Can you give some more info on how you did that?

I found this post were the exact same problem occurs and there is no fix available (didn’t found that when searching on the forum, but found it when googling based on the Mosquitto birth/will settings).

no worries,

Check out the persistence option on this Page.

persistence [ true | false ]
           If true, connection, subscription and message data will be written to the disk in
           mosquitto.db at the location dictated by persistence_location. When mosquitto is
           restarted, it will reload the information stored in mosquitto.db. The data will be
           written to disk when mosquitto closes and also at periodic intervals as defined by
           autosave_interval. Writing of the persistence database may also be forced by sending
           mosquitto the SIGUSR1 signal. If false, the data will be stored in memory only.
           Defaults to false.

           Reloaded on reload signal.

in your /etc/mosquitto.conf file


Thanks. Will check the conf file.
I have checked the integrations page and there you can’t enter the settings for birth and will messages.


If you use the MQTT Integration and the Hassio Mosquitto addon, the integration will only ask if you want to enable Discovery - it won’t ask for the broker, port, user and password.

If you use discovery, all settings are done on the device - not in Home Assistant.

If you want to manually configure, don’t enable discovery. I think the only reason it is asking you for this information in the MQTT integration is because you don’t have the broker on the same machine or you don’t have the broker setup yet.

Everytime you add or remove the broker you have to restart home assistant too.