HowTo get Motion detection event from zwavejs from Express Controls EZMotion Express


I have been trying to get this device working in zwavejs for weeks and been ‘googling’ a lot but i haven’t found a solution yet.

I have a couple of Express Controls EZMotion Express Wireless 3-in-1 Sensors.
Those are recognised in zwavejs as:

Previously when i was still using openzwave, in order to get a motion detection event in HA i had to use the following yaml in my automation:

     platform: event
     event_type: zwave.node_event
       entity_id: zwave.mydevice
       basic_level: 255

How achieve such a trigger in zwavejs?

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try listening for either “zwave_js_value_notification” or “zwave_js_notification” for the event type.

you’ll still have to work out the parameters of the event to trigger on based on the data sent by your device.

Do you have a binary sensor that appears to be non-functional? Do you have a “basic” sensor that is disabled?

I tried that but nothing is showing.
I tried to look at it in: developer tools → events.
That’s the right place isn’t it?

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Yes i have a basic sensor thats disabled.
I enabled it but it shows the value ‘0’ and never changes.

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Yes, that’s the right place if they were coming in.

but as freshcoast said maybe the device doesn’t need events to work in zwavejs and actually has sensors now.


Is there anything I can do to make that sensor functional?
How exactly do I enable the sensor the right way?
(I think I might not have done it properly)

Thanks, br,

I’m having the same problem, did you find a solution ?

I have 2 of these devices. It seems that whenerver zwave-js starts, it gets the configuration wrong. I have to re-interview the node every time I restart zwave-js-ui. Once it has been re-interviewed, you should see a ‘’[7-32-0-currentValue] Current value’ under Basic V1, which is 255 for motion or 0 for no motion. Then you have to go into Home Assistant and enable the ‘basic’ control, as it is hidden by default. You should then get a number._basic entity. You can then turn this into a binary sensor with

    <device name>_sensor:
      device_class: motion
      value_template: {{ is_state('number.<device name>_basic', '255.0') }}

Hi, Just starting with HA and have a number of these devices that are doing almost what this post states. ZWave JS UI now seems to remembering the Current Value under Basic v1. However, the ‘binary _sensor’ entity still doesn’t work. I notice the template is now not apparently receommended as it’s a legacy one. What was yr fix after? Could you advise a template which updates the ‘binary _sensor’ from the Current Value under Basic v1?