Howto integrate Webhook from Axis camera

I have integrated an Axis M1054 into my smart home. This camera has a PIR sensor which I want to send to HA using a webhook. Unfortunately the camera does not send HTTP POST. I can choose HTTP or TCP as the server type. Now I have already tried various configurations, including sending a CURL as a message. Unfortunately no webhook arrives in HA.
I also have the option of loading scripts onto the camera. I have already created a shell and PHP script. I just don’t know how to integrate the script into an action rule of the camera. Does anyone have any experience or a solution ready? I know there is an Axis integration for HA, but I would actually like to favor the webhook solution.

Why would you favor the web hook?

I still have cameras from another manufacturer. The POST HTTP webhook works very well here. However, these cameras cannot be integrated directly into HA. You don’t need that either. I.e. here the trigger comes directly from the cameras. That’s what I wanted with the Axis camera. But if I can’t find a solution, I’ll probably try the integration.

IIRC there is no web hook support on Axis devices