Howto link people to users to devices?

I did search the forum, but I still can not make it the way I think it ought to be.

I have 4 people, I made several users, those are named after the person (people) plus their devices.

Like Thom is people
he has 3 users, Thom_mobile, Thom_tablet and Thom_pc

I made those to be able to show different dashboards, optimised for each device and its display state and possibilities. Plus the options to hide items in different dashboards for I would not want the children to tease each other by switching the lights in each others room…

The problem is, do I need to, is this efficient? Is there not any easier way to link dashboards to people so I do not need all those different users just people with linked devices and dashboards.

How to get that streamlined and efficient?