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Howto: Snapshot from Uniview (UNV) camera


It took me some time to figure out the correct settings, so I hope this saves someone some time.

I want to have Telegram text me a snapshot of the camera on a event (alarm or doorbell).

I have one camera that works simply with this URL:
Not sure why it’s port 85 (the regular webinterface is 80), but it works.

Another more recent model with much newer firmware changed the behavior, it now requires authentication so it as to be setup like this:

  - service: notify.olivier
      message: Camera Snapshot
        - url: http://CAMERA_IP:85/images/snapshot.jpg
          caption: 'OLDER CAMERA'
        - url: http://CAMERA_IP:85/images/snapshot.jpg
          caption: 'NEW CAMERA'
          username: admin
          password: SUPER_SECRET
          authentication: digest

Thanks I found this useful as I recently got a uniview NVR and 4 cameras. There seems to be a built in motion sensor function that works pretty well, I just can’t seem to find a way to get that into Home Assistant. Any info out there that you think could help? Cheers


Have you had any luck with your NVR? I’m struggling with it too.