Howto: Trigger light when receiving Whatsapp Or SMS on android phone?

When I receive a Whatsapp or SMS message I want to be notified whit a blinking light or start any other automation in home assistant.

The only topic I found about this subject is Trigger light when receiving Whatsapp Or Facebook Message? - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

they are talking about a sensor entity that ends in _last_notification

I use the android companion app but don’t see this entity in home assistant (sensor.xxxxx_last_notification)

Does anyone have experience with this?

Is there a way to activate this entity from the android app?

Yes, go to settings β†’ companion app β†’ sensors β†’ manage sensors β†’ notification sensor β†’ last notification

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Thank you for that! I had also found that option in the meantime. But there are only a limited number of apps in it and not Whatsapp and my SMS app.
But it is a step in the right direction. Now I still have to figure out how to get whatsapp in that list so that I can activate it

Okay, my interpretation was wrong.
I thought I could directly select apps like whatsapp and SMS, but I had to give the home assistant app access first. Now I can continue. Good reading is important :wink:

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