Howto view streams in HA from a Dahua camera system during events?


EDIT: maybe my question was to much in 1 thread (howto configure and popup a stream at certain events); therefore changed it.

I have tried different integrations but no success at all.
The goal is to be able to see a stream in HA for some time after an alarm trigger (which is a HA switch).

It’s a Dahua IP-system and I already managed to use the RTSP streams, directly from the NVR, and display them on RPi’s but just to use as a monitor, so no interaction.

Any help/ideas are highly appreciated!


Have you tryed MotionEye ?

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Hi ukro, thanks for your reply.

As a coincidence, last week the NVR broke down and since I already played a little with MotionEye & ZoneMinder a long time ago and had the ZoneMinder container still on my server, I dusted that one off.
I succeeded with the picture-entity card to get a still image every 10s and when I click on it, I get a live view: this works very well.

The next step would be to get a notification in HA.

Notification for movement detection?

So this is in MotionEye…
I didn’t come to that point yet to see how I could use the motion triggers in HA but at first sight, MotionEye seems to have an advantage to achieve this.

Since the motion notifications are off in your picture: how are you using MotionEye and is there a connection to HA?

I didn’t set it up yet, nevertheless there is an option/
Connection to HA, yes through add-on see pic