HS-DS100+ Door/Window Sensor under ZWave-JS - multiple overlapping entities and one is broken

I added a new HomeSeer Door/Window sensor today (HS-DS100+). It showed up as expected as a device, seems to be recognized correctly by ZWave JS

by HomeSeer Technologies
Firmware: 2.3

It’s created a few different entities. There seems to be some overlap, and I’m not clear on how these are distinguished.

We have binary_sensor.patio_door_access_control_window_door_is_open which shows up with a door icon, but never changes from closed state.
Then there is binary_sensor.patio_door_door_window which is a simple on off but does actually work as expected when the sensor opens or closes.

Another pair is binary_sensor.patio_door_home_security_tampering_product_cover_removed and binary_sensor.patio_door_tamper for the rear tamper sensor. In this case, they both work as expected, but again one is a simple on-off and the other shows safe or unsafe and a special icon.

So the question is: why two pairs of duplicate sensors, and what controls the icons or type of the binary_sensor? I believe I can force a new door sensor using a template sensor looking at the working one, but is there any reason why the first binary_sensor.patio_door_access_control_window_door_is_open sensor doesn’t seem to work?

Looking within the ZWave JS to MQTT panel, I can see the two binary sensors and two notification sensors. I presume this is what becomes the four sensors I described above. But here in the ZWave panel, I can see all four are working as expected. So something is getting lost between ZWave JS and Home Assistant, or in the way the Home Assistant sensor is setup?

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I am facing the exact same issue. I believe HA does not correctly recognize the component sensors correctly due to the Z-Wave JS integration

I’m having the same issue with a GEN 5 Aeotec door/window sensor. The tamper alert seems to work but the open/closed is stuck in closed.