HSI - HomeKit Style Icons

Hello everyone, for a long time I wanted to make an interface similar to Apple HomeKit! But after searching the Internet for similar icons, I came across one problem, most of them are different from each other, so it doesn’t look like a single design. So I decided to draw icons myself!

Initially, I will draw icons based on well-known brands of devices, like Fibaro, Aeotec, Xiaomi and others, then there will be the usual icons of common devices!

HomeKit Icons must adhere to this policy: no more than 3-4 colors, no shadows, no isometry, no 3D


Where to Use:

Personally, I use them in conjunction with button-card


Download: from GitHub


Work on Smarter iKettle! (Will be 2 variations: White/Gold, Steel)

Made some new icons, soon I will show you. Also I’m trying to wrap icons into icon set like Font Awesome or MaterialDesignIcons or HASS, but so far I haven’t been able to do it(

Write if someone will be able to wrap icons into icon set!