HTML5 notifications not working

I am trying to set up HTML5 notifications on 0.80.3. Following these instructions I have got to the point where I have clicked the slider to enable push notifications. html5_push_registrations.conf is populated with my desktop and android devices. I have made an entry for the service:

  - platform: html5
    name: hass
    gcm_api_key: removed
    gcm_sender_id: removed

I have removed the api key and id from above.
Then I try to test a notification from Developer tools by calling the service notify.hass with {“message”:“hello world”} I get a message saying it has been called. However I get no notification on either device and no error message in the log. I assume that has been called, and home assistant thinks it was successful because no errors. Is something amiss at Google’s end? Where would I check for this? I get push notifications from facebook so I know that they are not globally disabled anywhere and my browser is capable? I’m on the verge of trying Telegram notifications instead, its very important to me that notifications are reliable since its linked with my home security so I would be interested in opinions on reliable notifcations.

Pushover has never missed thelast year

I have the same problem…

I’ve made some progress getting this working. I set up another project in GCM / Firebase. CHanged the key/id in my config. While doing that I realised that one letter was missed from the GCM api key for my original project. The API key starts with AAAA, I had one of the A missing. So thinking that maybe what the problem was I continue to set up my new project API key anyway. Tried sending a notification from the Developer tools interface to notify.hass it still did not work. I later tried sending the notification to notification.hass_unamed_device and it worked. I then tried notification.hass again and that worked too for my laptop browser chrome. However it did not send anything to my android chrome. I tried sending to notification.hass_unamed_device_2 directly which is my android. Still not working. I checked my notification settings on my phone, I can see the site enabled for push notifications etc still nothing. I can trigger the notification on my laptop chrome by using the browser on my phone. toggling the switch for push, restarting services still nothing on my android.

No error messages produced on the log, even when the api key is wrong, cant find any logs/audit in GCM/Firebase makes this hard to troubleshoot.

I’ve since decided to use a telegram bot instead for my notifications. I can interact with it and the notifications have some history shown in the message log. Seems a better fit for my use, I think html5 notifications can too easily by dismissed by accident too.