HTML5 notifications on Brave

I’m trying to enable HTML5 notifications on Brave browser. I tried on Chrome and Firefox and they are working fine. What is the problem with Brave? SHouldn’t it work since it’s Chromium based?
After I enable the notifications in my profile, I get the dialog to enter the device name and I give allow the notifications on the browser’s permissions window.
I get a message on the bottom left in Home assistant: “Registration failed - push service error”. I don’t see any errors in the logs. Also the device is not registered in the file html5_push_registrations.conf

Firefox and chrome have weblink for troubleshooting. Check if brave has same or similar as chrome

Browse to chrome://gcm-internals

I can open chrome://gcm-internals on Brave but it’s empty.

Edit: I found the issue.
In brave://settings/privacy I had to enable the option:
“Use Google services for push messaging”