HTML5 Phone

Ok I have html5 working partially. I can get this to work on my desktop pcs however I am unable to get it to work on my android phone. I started out using home assistant 0.59.2 and it would work on the pcs but everytime i reloaded the home assistant I would have to go into the config and reselect the push notifications slider. once i did this it would work until I reloaded the config again. It would never work on the phone. So i downgraded to 0.58.1 and now when i reload the config I don’t have to reselect the slider but it still doesn’t work on the phone. Any ideas? I am not able to send or receive from the phone but I can see the phone was added in the html_push_registrations.conf file.

I was only able to get push notifications on my phone by accessing it via outside url and not the LAN. after that it worked. Not sure if that’s the case here but something you could try.

i tried doing it over the cell network but no luck. its weird because is shows up in the config file.

Clear browser cache?
What browser?

I had same issue for months. Gave up in fact.
Decided to give it a try one day and all magically worked.
Maybe this was browser issue?

i am using google chrome. i cleared the cache once but didnt seem i might just keep trying and hope one sticks. it seems very finicky.

Just a long shot… try starting over from scratch with the whole html5 thing. It works, you just gotta figure out why. Try going into chrome on android and see if you’ve actually enabled the notification and whether or not notifications are actually on.


it’s worth a shot to cover all the bases.

Well I tried clearing the cache on the phone. I made sure notifications were on. I have tried starting from scratch. I get the same results. A little frustrating because I am able to get updates from the desktop but not the phone so I know it is working. I also am able to see that the phone is registered in the config file so I know it is registering.