HTML5 push notification not showing on chrome desktop

As in top, notifications push are working on my android, but not working/showing bonnly desktop chrome?

I enabled the slider, then I got a pop-up first time, pressed allow…

Then I do a test, but i don’t see it?
Android same setup and working

any1? i dont now how to troubleshoot, since its working on android, and not on my google desktop (windows)

is any1 using this on desktop chrome? is it actually working or not? :slight_smile:

omg finally found it
seems in windows 10 , my notifications for chrome was set to OFF

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I know you figured this out months ago but wanted to say thanks. Over looked the simplest of solutions first. Setup push notifications in all my other browsers and they worked. Android worked and only chrome was being lame. Turns out i had notifications turned off in Win 10.