HTML5 push notifications intermittent

Does anyone else find that they only receive HTML5 notifications on their Android phone when the screen is on?
I suspect my issue is due to aggressive power-saving features on Huawei phones but I still cannot get this fixed even after disabling these features in my phone settings.
If anyone has a solution for this please share! Thanks!

this is why i ditched html5 push, nothing you can do when your phone dozes and/or googles servers are acting up

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what worked best for you in the end?

Try this and set it to 5 minutes scans

Slack for alarm notifications and Discord/Hangouts for everything else. I decided to setup a back up notification service in case one fails or is delayed.

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hangouts messages also seem intermittent on my Huawei phone. annoying. Does Slack allow for actionable notifications? Thanks!

unfortunately it does not but i read the bot may be able to read messages? hangouts is intermittent for me as well, the session is closed bug haunts me unexpectedly still :frowning:

Honestly have not found a good solution for that unless you want to use Tasker and create your own actions. Can be done just takes time to set them all up.

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thanks for replying. a bit annoying isn’t it!

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