HTML5 push notifications not working on Firefox

Hi all,

Pretty new to Home Assistant, liking it so far. I tried to set up HTML5 notifications. Followed the docs and it’s working great on Chrome. However, it doesn’t work on Firefox. I’ve tried on my HTPC, gaming PC, and laptop. Tried both the regular release of Firefox and the developer edition, but neither work.

I don’t use Chrome as daily browser, so I really would like them to work on Firefox. Any idea what might cause this? I do see the Firefox browsers in my “html5_push_registrations.conf” file.

I do however see something like Failed to serialize to JSON: html5_push_registrations.conf in my log. But Chrome works nevertheless.

No one has an idea?

Bump. This should be possible right?

Same problem here.
I configure the html5 notification component and notification work in chrome on linux, windows and android.
On Firefox the notification not work and I don’t have idea to debug the problem.

Any update?

My whole HTML5 notifications are broken now after I’ve updated to 0.61. It’s getting worse and worse.