Http API password bypass for specific MAC addresses

I’d like to password protect access to home assistant but have yet to do so because I’m sure my wife would find it annoying. Is there a feature to enable Http API password bypass for specific MAC addresses?

you can remember password on the device.
my wife does not even know the password, but still uses it.

This is not possible right now AFAIK. But I would see no need to add this as a feature as this should be handled by something in front of HA like a nginx server or something.

But you could always use the solution @ReneTode mentioned.

Btw. Rene did your wife ever try to open the HA web ui while it’s offline. I always get a cached preview which states “There was an error in communicating with the API” and after that my password is no longer saved. :confused:

I believe there was an issue opened for this; I do remember it being discussed and I think one of the devs was part of the thread.

EDIT: Can’t find the thread, but there is an open issue for this:

the only time HA is offline is when i am playing around with it.
and my wife is smart enough to know that she shouldnt try anything at times like that :wink:
so, no my wife never had a problem. I am pretty sure that my wife not even knows that it is password protected :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like this feature got implemented per ip address with the latest release

I’ve been having segfault crashes so it’s hard to tell. :frowning:

Yes, it is implemented per ip address in the lates release, and will be improved for the next release:

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