Http configuration.yaml no access

when trying to switch my server to https, i added some wrong information in http configuration.yaml.
I no longer have access to my hass, no local access … I have to delete this configuration, but without ssh, without samba?
how to do ?

You should be able to access the config file by connecting the sd card or hdd to your pc. Check out this to get the list of tools that can help you.

thanks for your answer, i tried, and i can view the file, but not edit it, i don’t have permission

Are you using windows? I think I was able to edit it in linux. Or you can try this driver in windows. It says it would be able to edit linux files

if needed I can use windows, but no I tried with ubuntu 20.04. I also tried opening the file with root access (nautilus) but it must not be the same root, or i dont know… I am a beginner with linux.

Thank you very much, you were right, I was not opening the file in root, I succeeded!