HTTP controlled device Template

It would be super great if someone would take matters into their hands and develops some kind of integration/template where you can set up some devices with HTTP control without the need of creating filters and automations for everything manually. That takes a lot of time and makes maintanence just so much harder.

pseudo yaml:

   type: "light"
   name: "LED Strip"
   control_scheme: "http/get"
      on: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=on"
      off: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=off"
      fade: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=fade"
      flash: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=flash"
          blu: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=blue"
          red: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=red"
          white: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=white"
          pink: "http://automater.pi/api/ir/?device=led_strip&action=pink"

Device states would need to be cached locally by the “plugin/whatever” so the last action defines the active state.

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