HTTP ip ban using a reverse proxy


can the ip_ban_enabled configuration actually work when HA is running behind a reverse proxy?

In my understanding for HA all requests come from my reverse proxy (when not accessed directly by its lan ip). I verified this by entering a wrong password multiple times. Afterwards the IP of my reverse proxy was added to the banlist, which is obviously very bad resulting in my HA being no longer available via the reverse proxy.

I saw this configuration on several blog posts about reverse proxies. Am i missing something here or are the posts wrong about it?

Thanks for any help!

Make sure the reverse proxy is passing the client IP to HA, and take a look at the HTTP integration docs.

Of course I checked the http integration in the first place. Which part do you mean im specific? There is a section about reverse proxy but it only describes setting the allowed proxy config.
In my understanding the x-forward for is responsible for passing the ip, isnt it?

Guess I need to double check my reverse proxy.

Indeed, somehow option forwardfor was removed from my reverse proxy cfg.