Http links associated with lovelace cards

instead of the current popup, can cards have an optional http(s) link that takes them that opens a new page with a website? For example. I have a gauge card that monitors the toner level in my printer. It would be nice if when I clicked on it, it took me to the printer web page so I could order more toner from there. Clicking on my 3d printer status could take me to my octoprint server.

close, but not exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t really need more entities on my pages. :slight_smile:

Sorry must have misunderstood what you were looking for.
I s this not what you wanted? Not trying to be nosy but now im

not quite. What I want to be able to do is from a existing entity like a history_graph, or a camera, click on the image or graph or whatever is being displayed and have it take me to a link. So for example, lets say I have a weather radar image that is updated every 15 minutes or so using a generic_camera. I want to click on the radar picture and have it take me to or something.
Or say I am using zoneminder to display security cameras. When I click on the image, it takes me to zoneminder so I can go in and look at events or something. Think of it like a drill down when you click on a lovelace entity. I could do it by placing a weblink entity under each picture, but I really don’t want the extra entities, I have enough already. :slight_smile:

I see I understand and halfway through your post I was thinking why not use a picture element and the inked software that people use for floor plans and do exactly what you said , I did that same thing using a transparent image since it was transparent you did not know it was there unless you knew where it was or Hovered over it. Then embedded a link actually an http rest link to turn on my lamp in this case but could use it for anything I actually placed the transparent picture over the top of the picture of my lamp so it seemed as though you were clicking the lamp.but I understand my curiosity is satisfied. if I come across anything that will work better I will certainly post it here good luck

like so many things in homeassistant, there are ways of doing it and forcing it to work. It would just be nice if this feature was available on components out of the box instead of having to do some trickery to get it to work. The problem with trickery is that later you forget you did it, and when homeassistant changes, suddenly your tricks don’t work anymore.

Yes sir, I feel your pain on that note. I have started keeping a log of mods for this very reason.