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Hi all,

I have some motorised blinds in my house which use an app that I have access to the http get requests. I am trying to get this to work in HADashboard but am having trouble getting it to do exactly what I want.

At the moment I’ve got it working on HASS using the cover template component and having it call a service which I have set up using the Rest Command and it works great. I’ve attached a screenshot of the services which when called work perfect.

If I try and just simply use the cover widget in HADashboard it currently only allows me to open and close the blinds. There is no stop or favourite position. I am also not worried about visually seeing the status of the blinds on HADashboard.

What I would like to do is create separate buttons in which I can assign each http request to such as up, down, stop and favourite. Is there a way I can do this by simply calling a service from HASS which currently works great? Or even a way I can setup a widget which calls the http request directly?

Your help is much appreciated.

i think the easiest way is to create a script in HA for al services and then use the script widget to activate the scrips.

Thanks for your reply @ReneTode from the reading ive been doing that was what I was thinking also however I haven’t had much luck getting it to work.

Do you think you could help me out in providing a simple script that would do what I’m after?

i would love to.
but i havent written a script in HA myself.

i would probably write an app that sends the http requests and use input_booleans to activate the app.
something like:


def calback(...):
  if new=="on":
    send http

with args you could make the boolean and the rquest variable and so you could reuse the app to use any boolean to send any http request.
the input_booleans would always be off that wayand you would have a pushbutton in the dashboard.

Thanks for the tip. That’s all a bit over my head but I see where you are getting at. I’ll see what I can put together, cheers.

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Just a heads up for everyone that I finally got it working. My issue was at the bottom of the configuration.yaml file was a line to look for scripts in the scripts.yaml file. As soon as I put my script in there which called the service in the image above it all appeared as follows and with only the activate button

I then called it out using the script widget in HADashboard which looks a little something like this

So happy with the outcome.