HTTP Request for blinds control

Hi all,

New user to Home Assistant and HADashboard and absolutely loving it so far. I am a little bit stuck at the moment and im sure there is a simple fix i just cant seem to find it.

Ive created a HTTP request in Home Assistant using the rest command to control my blinds… up, down, favorite position etc. Ive got this working in the services tab in which i select the rest_command domain and then the service i want and it works perfectly when called however, when i try to get this working as a switch or button in the Home Assistant front end using the RESTful component when i reload Home Assistant the HTTP command runs automatically and doesn’t actually work when i hit the button.

Am i doing something wrong… is there something i need to do to stop it running automatically and only when i hit the button? I want to get this working so that i can create an entity and then input it into HADashboard.

My config file looks as per the component template

  - platform: rest
    name: Blinds Up
    resource: http://IP_ADDRESS/ENDPOINT

Your help is much appreciated :slight_smile: