Https not working

I’ve reinstalled Hassio 0.106.5 after not having my system working for about a year.

I’ve installed the duckdns addon and it has generated the certificates without any issues.

However when I try to use https to get to my installation it appears as though it’s only operating using http.

# INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
+ Account already registered!
[20:35:45] INFO: OK
# INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
Processing ***
 + Checking domain name(s) of existing cert... unchanged.
 + Checking expire date of existing cert...
 + Valid till Jun  8 19:33:40 2020 GMT Certificate will not expire
(Longer than 30 days). Skipping renew!

I’ve also got a notification that a new “Certificate Expiry” integration is available, however when I try and configure it I get the error message “Certificate could not be validated”.

It’s as though all the certificates being created, but there no https server running, only http.

Also when I connect to it, chrome is showing it as an unsecure connection, therefore no certificate details etc suggesting again that it’s only using http.

What does your configuration.yaml file show for the http: section?

Sorry for the late reply.

The configuration.yaml files doesn’t have a http: section at all. That’s rather odd, shouldn’t hassio have done that when it installed? What will I need to do to populate the configuration correctly after I create it? Will the letsencrypt installation update the configuration file itself?

You configured it on your previous installation. If you restored your config it would be there. If you didn’t restore then you’d have to add it. The addon does not edit your configuration.yaml for you.

Added the following lines to my configuration.yaml file and it’s all working, thank you.

  ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
  ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem

I had installed new instance, went through all installation of duckdns (with letsencrypt), but seems in their documentation this point is missing to update the configuration file. Your suggestion worked as charm! Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

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