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is it possible using HA or Node Red/HA to create an an non-authenticated HTTP(S) “server”? I would like to create a channel into my raspberrypi that would accept non-authenticated HTTP requests. The idea is that I could send a link to my cleaner which she can browse to which would automatically open my front door. I will use HMAC etc. to secure the request, but my scenario is I sent her a link, when she’s at the door she hits the link, some magic at the backend occurs and the front door opens.

Can I create such a “site” using the existing HA:8123 infrastructure? I really don’t want to spin up another server and use REST to interact with HA

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but I have created this to allow executing specific automations in a pretty secure fashion.
It relies on webhook triggers, which pretty much is what you want, except that a POST request is required (which a regular link can’t do usually). But I guess this is functionality you can base further research on to build a solution that meets your requirements. :+1:

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Do you know of a good tutorial/documentation that goes over webhooks and how to develop them? Something that explains the basic. i’m green to HA and now is the time to learn this area plus others things(the benefits of home quarantine)

i.e. Is it possible to pass parameters into a webhook automation?

The second link shows how to use it in Home Assistant. The client could be a static html-page that transmits the request using this approach.

Edit: The wiki of my project has two automation examples as well.