Htu21d temp and humdity sensor through i2c RPI3B+


Does anyone have a working configuration of a htu21d sensor connected directly to a RPI3B+ with Hassio in 2022?

I have tried many solutions, the i2C bus is active but HASSIO gives me this error after editing configuration.yaml :

Errors :

Platform error sensor.htu21d - Integration 'htu21d' not found.
Integration error: i2c - Integration 'i2c' not found.

What I add in configuration.yaml :

  sda: GPIO2
  scl: GPIO3
  scan: true
  id: bus_a  

  - platform: htu21d
      name: "Température"
      name: "Humidité"
    update_interval: 60s

The sensor works perfectly with ESPHome on an ESP32 with this configuration.

I used this repository to activate i2c: [add-on] HassOS I2C Configurator
I also checked the folders on the SD card directly, they were edited correctly by the add-on above.

Any ideas ? Thanks !

Does anyone have an idea ?

Code above is for ESPHome addon, not directly for Raspberry PI.

hello, did you find a solution to use directly with rpi gpio ?