Huawei Fusion Solar and Balboa Hot Tub App Integration


I am new to Home Assistant but hope it can provide a solution to my problem:

I have a Hot Tub controller by a Balboa tp600 control panel. I have also installed the Balboa wifi receiver module so can control my Hot Tub via the Balboa App.

I have recently had a Solar PV and Battery system installed. The Inverter is a Huawei SUN2000 6kW Hybrid Inverter which I can control via the Huawei Fusion Solar App.

Ideally what I would like to do via Home Assistant is as follows:

  1. Via the Huawei Inverter / Fusion Solar App, detect whenever I am exporting electricity to the grid.
  2. When the export to the grid goes above say 2kWh then the Balboa Hot Tub app automatically changes to the hot tub from “Rest Mode” (when the hot tub isn’t heating) to “Ready Mode” (where the hot tub heater will kick in if the water temperature has dropped.

Is this possible via Home Assistant?
How easy would it be for an enthusiastic amateur to set up?

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.