Huawei FusionSolar Northbound API

Hi according to this article and this one I need the API to get more (realtime) information from my Huawei smart energy meter. (the kiosk mode unfortunately does not provide me current power use)

So I asked my installer to setup the API for me, but that is unknown territory for him, so I would like to translate the steps in Spanish and also provide him the correct info in one go.

So… I see those instructions and credentials to be populated, but I have some doubts. See image below

  1. System name: should that be my CURRENT name of my huawei installation (in my case tom@solar) or could it be anything?
  2. what name should that be? new name or existing
  3. same as 2? or…

its the first time I would like and setup API so maybe my quations are a bit silly for the more experianced ones here. anyway > thanks