Huawei LTE integration is filling up DB

I was checking what has caused my DB to grow and ran queries to DB with SQLite Web addon. I ran following query to find out that top 13 of my all entries in states -table are from Huawei LTE integration.

select entity_id,count(*) from states group by entity_id order by count(*) desc limit 100;

Largest amount of records is device tracers for our tablets that are almost always at home. They have bit more than 58 000 records. I have set recorder for 7 days and purging seems to be working just fine.

It seems to log every 10s that device is home. Even if that hasn’t changed. Only thing that changes in ‘attributes’ column is associated_time.

Is there something I can do about it? Naturally I could exclude theses from recorder, but that seems to be silly solution. I was about to raise a github issue about it but opted to ask here first.

Some additional info. Running latest version 0.110.2 of Home Assistant.
Top 8 of my spammers are type device_tracker.huawei_b525s_65a_xxxx. Their entry count ranges from 39 000 to almost 60 000. After those in the list are also couple of sensors from same Huawei integration.

No errors about Huawei integration in any logs that I found.

Raised an issue about this