Hub or no hub aqara

A simple question. I bought some aqara lumi sensors and switches. Currently i have them integrated by ZHA. But the sensors dont work all the time (they sometimes dont detect motion). Do you recommend the hub to solve this? or is there another option.
Thanks to the community for the help.

Get some powered repeaters. E.g. ikea plug. This will make zibgee network more reliable. I have 15 aqara sensors (motion, door, vibration, flood…) and all work perfectly with conbee stick and zha integration.

Thanks for the advice. Do you know if the switch (non neutral version) also works as repeater?

EDIT: Just saw its not counted as router.
Is there a list or something of devices that works as router. Im from Mexico and Ikeas zigbee products arent avalible yet.

Try this list Aqara/xiaomi compatible routers/repeaters · Discussion #12237 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

Thanks for the help