Hub or secondary HA on RPi to support "remote" sensors

I am looking to connect some wireless sensors that are Zigbee, Z-wave, and possibly other protocols. Is there a multi-protocol (cost effective) hub or is it better to just add usb sticks for each protocol to an RPi? Problem I have with that approach is that HA is running on a server in the basement so the RPI would be remote and would need to communicate sensor status to the primary HA. Would that be done by running HA on the RPi and using MQTT to talk to primary HA?

Set up a rpi in your central location and use zwavejsmqtt and zigbee2mqtt the central rpi does not need HA.

Thanks, That’s perfect. Now I just need an inexpensive hub for Zwave and Zigbee. Any recommendations (or which USB sticks)?

For Zigbee : anything on this list that is not a CC2531 or CC2530.

For Z-wave : look for a series 700.