Hubitat Hub mode string as sensor state

I’ve currently been able to pull the hubitat mode (string) into node red, and publish it to an MQTT topic. I would love for this same mode to be used in Automations on home assistant. Any thoughts on how to get Home Assistant to bring in a string as a sensor state? The possible strings are: Day, Away, Evening, Night, Day Hold, Night Hold. I’ve added the topic as an MQTT sensor to my configuration, but it only shows unavailable.

Post the MQTT Sensor’s configuration.

Oops, I guess I jumped to conclusions on this one. I missed that after restarting home assistant that all my MQTT tags had gone unavailable. It ended up being that I had changed passwords on the MQTT login. Once I fixed that, it now works and is displaying the mode as needed. Thanks for responding to me.

Now that you have sorted out the login issue, when you restart Home Assistant now, does the sensor report a value on startup?

Yeah, it does, that was a lot simpler than I thought.


Is that the actual topic name or a typo? (hubtiat)

Unfortunately it was a typo, and a whole bunch of node red nodes were already configured so the typo is now embedded in the system.