Hubitat integration maker api?

how would i go about adding my hubitat to home assistant in a way that i can integrate hubitat motion temperature and humidity sensors, recieve statuses and send commands to the hubitat? very new to this i just installed it last night.

MQTT is the way to go:

Custom Component: Hubitat

This integration lets Home Assistant control devices, and use sensors, exposed through Hubitat’s Maker API.


Using MQTT will allow Hubitat devices to be imported to HA and the reverse allowing HA devices to be imported into HE. No plugin needed on HA but MQTT app needed on HE. Uses auto discovery both ways.

The integration on HA imports HE devices into HA and is easier to setup.

The above linked MQTT Guide is old… it’s much much easier now.

i cant find the code to add the mqtt app to hubitat, only a driver

The read me is a couple of versions behind. I’ll update that shortly. The beginning of that topic has useful info.

so the guide says to make a virtual device then setup the mqtt broker app, but how is this supposed to work?

Hi Thomas, yes, as I mentioned the ‘readme’ is a little behind but the topic itself (as linked above) is up to date. The instructions for installation are at the beginning of that topic in the first few posts. Particularly post 2. Documentation update always seems to happen last I’m afraid.

It may be more appropriate for you to post in that topic as, at this stage your questions are Hubitat specific.

In relation to your specific question… in post 2) of the above topic

  1. Install the new beta3 MQTT client driver code. Do NOT create a device - the app will take care of that now for you.

Pop on over to that topic and I’ll get you going…

If you have HomeAssistant specific questions after that there’s this topic too…

okay thank you :slight_smile:

So does this work now? Jw bc I have it setup with maker right now and never could get this functioning