Hubitat integration problem following upgrade to Release 2023.5.1

Has anyone experienced problems with the Hubitat integration after updating to release 2023.5.1? I updated from release 2023.4.6 to 2023.5.1 this morning and immediately had problems with the Hubitat integration. The integration page showed errors on Hubitat in red and said to see the logs. The logs showed all entities had failed. I immediately restored Release 2023.4.6 and Hubitat worked fine. I then updated to 2023.5.1 again hoping something had gone wrong with the update but same problems as before. I then deleted the Hubitat integration altogether and added it back, including creating a new Access Token in Hubitat. Still no resolution. Any help would be appreciated.

I know this doesn’t help, but mine is working.

That does help! It lets me know I need to take a close look on my end.
Thank You.