Hubitat Integration

My answers, questions :slight_smile: :

  1. Example: I have 5 motion detectors. If am asking them separately, I need 5 questions to each. I can not ask them in one batch - server HE is going down (necessary 3 seconds delay) and I must wait for answer. It will lead that for each sensor I am waiting at least 15 seconds.

  2. Websocket - it is solution. However how to implement that on HE? According discussion websocket is existing but not supported.

  3. Maker API is sending answer state of device after sending of command not only Succes 200.

Wall switch tested 1 meter from servers and of course only one Z-wave network active etc. :frowning:

You don’t ‘ask’ motion sensors they only report.

Correct it’s not official. Not many things with HASS are :slight_smile: The eventsocket works and is used internally by Hubitat for their own dashboards. It’s not going away but may get some changes/enhancements. To many community use for it to just vanish now without making a lot of customers VERY angry.

And? All you should care about is success/fail when sending a command to Maker API. The “results” are mirrored in the eventsocket output that would be used to update the HASS device state.

Sounds like you have a bad Z-Wave board or bad device to be that close and that slow.

I released next version and interface is working fine for me. I am struggling with Fibaro Button and Danalock in HA. There is no problem in HE with that. Real help with HE websocket is welcome, however I am saturated with manager academic helicopter view from my job :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you still working on this by any chance?

Does anyone have a working method of getting hubitat devices to show up and function inside home assistant?

Yes I have a Hubitat MQTT app in alpha , about to become open beta that publishes Hubitat devices to MQTT. It also advertises them to HA using its MQTT discovery protocol.

It can also do the reverse monitoring HA statestream to auto discover HA devices within HE


@jeubank Anyway you could create your Hubitat Mqtt Bridge as an add-on for Hassio? I am using the prebuilt hassio image so to my knowledge I have no way to add/manage any other docker containers. Better yet would it be better to use Hubitat’s Maker API and make an “official” integration into Home Assistant rather than relaying upon MQTT?

@xAPPO has a Mqtt app in the Hubitat forum. It’s still in beta but is being tested by a lot of folk over there. It’s the best option I’m aware of if you plan to use mqtt to integrate with HE. (He goes by “@kevin” over there).

If you want a Maker Api solution, there is a newly released custom component by @jason0x43

Custom Component: Hubitat

You can try either…or both…and see which works best for you.

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The open beta 1a MQTT app for bidirectional discovery and integration between HA and HE is available here should you be interested.

There is a specific HA support thread here


just getting started with Home Assistant and have a Wink2 Hub here as well as a Hubitat which I started to play with but decided HA would be better … though now that I have it was thinking it might be an alternative to wink which has it’s moments …

main reason would be the zigbee / zwave connections. Have a slew of GE / Wink and Leviton switches here. Looks like MyQ garage door might be easier to keep integrated elsewhere (indirectly through HA) too but still figuring it all out.


It’s my opinion that Z-Wave in Home Assistant is rough… real rough… It could get way better at some point, but until it does I use Hubitat to manage all of my Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.
It works lightning fast with this integration.

awesome - thanks!

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all my devices and now some new one are are migrated to Hubitat but I am finding that sync from the makerapi is very inconsistent. Response time for things in there is great but there are currently two devices in Hubitat that I cannot see in in the integration or via entities (just in case) in HA. I’ve gone in and double-checked that they are indeed selected in the makerapi (a ridiculous step IMHO) but still cannot get a refresh and have tried multiple restarts on both sides.

when I first had this issue I discovered you have to update the selections in MakerAPI’s app …

It sounds like you’ve added them to the “Selected Devices” list in Hubitat, so that’s good.

What kinds of devices are they? The integration doesn’t support every device type yet.

Assuming they are supported device types, there are a couple of diagnostic steps you can take:

  • Enable debug logging in HA for hubitatmaker and homeassistant.custom_components.hubitat, restart HA, and see if any errors show up related to hubitat in the logs
  • Access the Maker API device list directly with curl (or something else), like curl '' and verify that the devices in question are in there.

both are ge zwave plus light switches. My others work.

how do I enable debug logging? I can see both of the switches in the curl output so that’s good! (ish)

In your HA configuration.yaml file, add a logger property:

  default: info
    hubitatmaker: debug
    homeassistant.custom_components.hubitat: debug

Then restart HA and see what’s in the logs.

That is good. I’ll be interested to see what the logs show…

ok took a bit to figure out where I needed to place logger not to fail on load, but got it. There are no obvious errors. I see lots of things like:

2020-03-31 14:12:37 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setting up hubitat
2020-03-31 14:12:37 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup of domain hubitat took 0.0 seconds.
2020-03-31 14:12:37 INFO (MainThread) [hubitatmaker.hub] Created hub <Hub host= app_id=9>
2020-03-31 14:12:37 DEBUG (MainThread) [hubitatmaker.hub] Listening on
2020-03-31 14:12:37 INFO (MainThread) [hubitatmaker.hub] Setting event update URL to

and also bunches of things like:

2020-03-31 14:12:43 DEBUG (MainThread) [hubitatmaker.hub] Loaded device list
2020-03-31 14:12:43 DEBUG (MainThread) [hubitatmaker.hub] Loading device 33

The two missing are 99 and 101 from that curl dump and it looks like both did the loading, loaded sequence in the log.

Hmmm… Well, that’s good, at least. No hubitat-related warnings or errors?

So, just to make sure, neither of these devices show up in the Devices list or the Entities list?

Next thing to check… On your HA system, open <config>/.storage/core.entity_registry. Search through there for your mussing Hubitat devices, by label (e.g., “Bedroom light” or whatever you’ve named it) or by ID. The ID would be <hub ip>::<Maker API ID>::<device ID>, so something like

If you find your devices in the entity registry, it means they were added to HA, but aren’t showing up in the UI for some reason.

looked for both … neither were listed in that core.device.registry file.

not in the ui anywhere as well.

Hmmm… could you grab the detailed info for each of the missing devices and paste it here? This command should give you detailed output for device 99, for example:

curl curl ''