Hubitat Integration

Has anyone looked at ways to connect Hubitat ( to Home Assistant? Hubitat appears to support z-wave and zigbee devices better than their current integration in HASS.


Yes and Yes :slight_smile:

There is a MQTT gateway that was originally written for SmartThings to integrate with Home Assistant. I made some modifications to it to work with Hubitat.

I think it would be pretty straight forward to use with Home Assistant just like the Original SmartThings Bridge was. It takes information from Hubitat and feeds to MQTT. From Home Assistant you just setup your MQTT devices.


I have a working alpha of this integration for HomeSeer as a plugin and for ISY as a nodeserver with polyglot. I haven’t done much with HASS in a long time but I’m thinking of looking into this again unless someone beats me to it.


Were you ever able to get this fully integrated? I bought one of these hubs without looking to see if it integrated with HA already …

I have Hubitat fully integrated for HomeSeer and ISY. I have not done anything for HASS at the moment.

I am currently writing an app for Hubitat that can create virtual devices for your HA devices within Hubitat via MQTT statestream. Initially for switches and lights but easily extendable. It is bidirectional in control.

I will be next adding HA MQTT discovery for Hubitat devices too. This direction of control is what I think the OP is after.

This does not require the MQTT middleman bridge at all, that has caused so many issues in setup. Just an ordinary robust MQTT broker.

If you’re interested in alpha testing this let me know by PM - first outing in a couple of days.



I just made a thread on this possible integration, i think it would be perfect but i dont have a hubitat to try it on, do you have any updates? Can i order one?:joy:

I just installed my Hubitat, but I don’t have any devices on it yet. I can do some testing. I will try and migrate some devices over to it hopefully sooner than later.

It’s working really well so far, really pleased … still in testing but will be releasing another version by this weekend

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I will be patiently waiting. Unless you need another beta tester? :slight_smile: I’m currently using a bridge solution, Node-Red monitoring the web service event stream then converting to MQTT. It works but I welcome a change.

Just let me know if you need me to start migrating devices over for testing. I’m hoping to migrate from Wink to this platform.

Still hoping to release first version in a couple of days - get delayed slightly by a nasty gremlin in the HE handling of atomicState variables.

This release has more features implemented than I expected but does not yet have HA MQTT discovery protocol implemented for HE > HA discovery. The reverse automatic discovery from HA > HE is implemented using HA Statestream. Device types are initially lights and switches (maybe sensors) but this will be fleshed out later.

If you want to test this ‘alpha’ release then make sure you have PM’d me on the Hubitat community forum (username: kevin) as that’s where I’m sending the communication from.



If I understand correctly, your project lets Hubitat control HA’s devices…
Will this let HA control Hubitat’s ZWave devices?

Yes… just enable a Hubitat Z-Wave device via MQTT with my app and use that in HA. Initially it only supports onoff and dim/level devices but will be expanded. Soon I will implement HA discovery too so it would then just appear in HA.

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alpha2 is released…


Is this still in the alpha stages?

Integration via API. The first step, only two Fibaro Z-Wave devices. For installation HACS or

I see your note on GitHub about it being very slow? I’ve integrated the Maker API with ISY and HomeSeer and it’s near instant. As it’s a simple HTTP request do you have something blocking in between or network issues (packet loss) in between?

Hello, I am playing with z-wave 7 months and my knowledges are insufficient. I think, delay could be in z-wave communication. It does not matter if I am sending command from Hubitat (HE) or directly from Fibaro server. What seems to me that HE is waiting for ACK from device in dashboard. Fibaro server is not waiting it simply changes the state there and update real state later. What I am struggling is sending command to HE via API. If I am not wrong I am receiving answer with current state that can be during 5-10 second changed. I had to fix in integration. The second issue is that I can not ask too often <3 seconds. In shorter period HE is going down. If I am using motion detector for switching on lights from HA it is too late. And the last, if I have many motion detectors I can not ask each device in async scan interval. The reaction is far from instant. For that I am using “Get All Devices with Full Details” and answer is noticeably of course slower. The last point, I agree, there could be really issue with my LAN also :slight_smile:

A couple points for you… I may take a look at your code if you don’t mind.

  1. Only use the Get All Details URL from the Maker API on component start or re-sync operations. This process is slow as it pulls all device info from the hub.

  2. Use the hubitat eventsocket (websocket) connection for all device update information. This provide real-time device state on changes

  3. When using the Maker API there is no confirmation of command other than a Success 200 response from the HTTP command.

If your device changes are slow whether from Hubitat or Fibaro then it’s likely a device/range issue. Create a virtual switch in Hubitat to use for testing purposes or bring one of the devices closer to the hub or take the hub to the device :slight_smile: