Hue and plex. Help getting started

HI all.

Im a big noob at HA. I really dont understand why nody have made a simple guide to this.

I got plex int HA and Philips hue.

I made a scene with my 2 lights from my living room.

But how do i make a automation? I cant figure out what to chose?

I have look at this but cant figure it out

When my plex player starts a media light off, pause = dimmed and media off =light.

I really hope somebody cut help?

Regards Daniel and thanks

Which part are you having difficulty with? The copy, the paste or lining it up with your entities?

Hi @nickrout thanks for the reply.

I dont now how to copy paste this? Becurse i dont now what to edit so it match my settings.

It is all in the automations setting i dont now what the trigger shall be? Condition is the sun i will guess and what shall i choose under the action? Sorry meaby i have not understand the magic :slight_smile:

As it is written, these pieces of code both go in configuration.yaml, but they could also go in automation.yaml and scenes.yaml respectively. See

You’ll need to substitute your media player entity_id and your light entity_id.

The trigger is the state of the media player going from playing to idle or vice versa.

Finally i godt i working :smiley: Alot of playing around.

Im not sure i can merge them in one automation?

Glad it is working :slight_smile: