Hue Api v2 & new motion sensor switch entity

With the old hue api I used to have some restful switch entries to call the hue api to enable / disable the hue motion sensors and all worked well.

I have since disabled these and the new hue v2 api allows for motion sensor switching and as such home assistant is populated with new switch entities for all the motion sensors.

However I notice one difference and I assume this is not so much and bug in the integration but maybe a limitation of the new v2 api.

Now when switching off a motion sensor, if doing so while motion is being detected by the sensor you are turning off, then the status of that sensor will continue to show in home assistant as motion active.

Therefor most evening get left with sensor showing constant motion all night until the sensor is reactivated in the morning.

This didn’t happen with the original api, would I be right in assuming that this is due to home assistant no longer polling states and therefore these symptoms are a consequence of the new api and not a bug that needs reporting?

Your thoughts greatly appreciated