Hue App seeing v1 bridge

I have a v2 bridge which should be supported but the app keeps saying it detects a v1 bridge that I think might be Home Assistant emulated Hue. I have removed the integration but it came back automatically, then I “forgot” the integration but the error in the app persists. Is best practice here to shut down HA completely?

I got a new phone and for some reason the configuration didn’t follow the Hue app. Stuck at the moment.


What app ?

The Hue App says it sees and doesn’t support Hue bridge v1. But I don’t have a v1. HA emulated Hue was being detected because when I did shut down HA the error went away.

I think the Hue app should not be bothered by seeing a v1 bridge if it also sees a v2. It has a hard fail, not only does it not connect it refuses to try again. Had to uninstall and reinstall.

But I think HA should not be advertising emulated Hue on the network when the integration is not configured and/or forgotten.