Hue Bridge Emulator?


I’m new to the scene and very interested in the possibilities of making my home smarter!
Today I’ve taken delivery of an Amazon echo and a Philips hue light bulb.
After reading around I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on whether I need a physical hue bridge?
I may be a dunce by asking but, is the hue bridge emulator instead of or as well as a hue bridge?
I’m sure I’ll have many other questions that I’d need to figure out eventually but as of now, I’m just sourcing the things I need to start.

Thanks for reading, I eagerly await a response!

You need a Hue bridge to control Hue bulbs.

The Hue emulator looks like a Hue hub to Alexa (and now Google Home) to allow you to control Home Assistant from Alexa/Google. It will not connect to your bulbs.

Excellent, thanks for the info!