Hue bulb won't be found with ZHA

I have a bunch of Hue bulbs that I am moving over to ZHA. My method for moving them is:

  1. Start the ZHA search by clicking “Add Device” in the ZHA devices list
  2. Open the Hue app then remove the bulb

Within a few moments the bulb appears in ZHA and I add it. All good!

However, one bulb I am having issues with. It was added to Hue via a Serial Number instead of being ‘found’ by the Hue Hub. This one I can only use with Hue as it won’t be found. I’ve tried…

  • the above method
  • The above but leaving the bulb off for ten minutes

Any thoughts on how to resolve this use case? Is there a way I can factor reset a bulb or force it into pairing mode (I’ve tried the switch it on and off a bunch of times but that doesn’t seem to work)

Factory resetting should solve your issue indeed. You can do this via various methods. The most easy way is to:
-Grab a Hue Dimmer Switch
-Keep it next to the light bulb, press and hold the top and bottom buttons for at least 10 seconds
-The light will start flashing, keep the buttons pressed for a few more seconds
-The light is now factory resetted


Alternatively, i see that it should be possible to reset them by cycling the power in a specific sequence:

You only need the bulb.

  • Turn the bulb off for 5 seconds (with wall switch/lamp)
  • Turn on for 8 seconds
  • Turn off for 2 seconds
  • Turn on for 8 seconds

Repeat the sequence until the light hardware resets. 2/3 cycles in my experience.

I have not tried this method myself though.


Can confirm this works,. Thanks!


ZHA docs also have some tips →

only worked for 1 of 2 bulbs, same model, both in the same lamp.
I don’t have a Hue Dimmer Switch or Bluetooth bulbs to try the alternative reset methods and I can’t add it to the Hue App via their serial either. I’ve even tried some alternative on/off intervals I found on another site.
What do I do now? I tried disconnecting it from the z2m installation it was initially connected to (while turned on) and it said “unreachable” cause z2m is a buggy mess. Hue bulbs are a buggy mess and Homeassistant is a buggy mess. Same shit as always. Can’t save 1 second with a HA installation, only waste dozens of hours and money.

To be honest this is just 100% a HUE thing. Getting a HUE dimmer switch to reset works with all of their lights and without a HUE HUB you can only pair Bluetooth lights to your phone.

Its a 1 time investment if you have more HUE you want to add, and you can use it in HA if you want.

I do actually have a Hue Hub and my point was adding the lights via their serial numbers does not work.

Also, it doesn’t matter that it’s a Hue thing because where on Homeassistant does it say Hue has these issues in conjunction with it? Is there a recommended lights–section in HA? Haven’t seen one.

Why would i get the Hue Dimmer Switch? I consider the design unintuitive and buying it just to solve this issue is close to a scam, in my opinion. “Just buy another one of our products to fix an issue with the first one.”

You seem to be missing the point I’m trying to make. My Hue bulb is of course on that list but so are countless other lights, all seemingly equally compatible. After all, HA and Z2M don’t attempt to make a recommendation on which lights work best with their systems. Neither do they provide clear enough information on which issues I’ll encounter when using in this case the Philips Hue White Ambiance E27 with their systems.

You probably need to repeat the sequence more. If that does not work, you can call Signify customer service to ask how to do it.