HUE Custom Component after update, how to change it with 0.89


so as of the new update, custom components needs to be handled differently.
Thats fine, but i am not getting how.
Right now i have a customer_components folder within the config folder.
There is folder called sensor and there is a file called

Now i am lost, from what i understand i have to change sensor folder to hue folder or ?

I used it to have the motion sensor working, which was working fine before the update.
Can anyone help me out here please ?


I had the same issue, I changed it in this way:




But as of 0.89.0 it stopped working in this way.

So it does not work right now with this configuration with you ?
So the changing did not do any better

Strange, i did the same rename with my harmony remote, and it did work…

Have you also created the file?

I didn’t create the file, that is done by Python itself.

@TheCrey to fix it you will need to look at the following:

Check the title Noteworthy breaking changes in the latest release notes, there you have an explanation of what has changed and what you need to do. Hue is actually the example.

True, that it is noted in the breaking changes, but the new structure doesn’t work as such at this moment for custom component Hue, so the work around mentioned in my previous comment is required to make it work again.

I read that there is a change in the folder structure etc.

But all I did, did not work for me, also I tried as described in the link:

My temporary fixed is

create a new folder call huesensor
copy files from config/custom_components/hue
paste them in huesensor folder
make changes to configuration.yaml

  • platform: huesensor
  • platform: huesensor

I still get the error that the Platform is not found

As I have understood it you need to have all of these files in there with it, and just change this to the custom component. But it might not be ready for this yet, of course.

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You need to change the directory name to hue_custom.

Take a look at this post:


Thanks ! This solved my issue.
I was very confused in how the new naming needs to be.

Thanks to all for the help, i really appreciate it.

Have a great day.

Thx this solve my problem.