Hue devices becoming unavailable every night


I tried to find a similar topic but couldn’t.
In case this is answered already please ignore this message and please point me to the right place.

In the past my HA (virtual python environment on Linux) happened to become unresponsive and lose connection to all of my Hue devices.

I was able to fix it (removing some custom components) and now it seems to work properly.

The only annoyance I have is the following:

Every night, all the devices connected to my 2 Hue bridges become unreachable for some time (10 minutes to 1 hour) then everything comes back again.
Since I usually sleep at night this is not a huge problem, but if somebody at home happens to wake up (e.g., for a night toilet tour) the turn-on-light automations won’t work…

As mentioned I have 2 Hue bridges. The behaviour is the same for every device connected to any of the bridges.
I attach a couple of images, for 2 devices connected to the 2 bridges.

I also have some devices connected to a Conbee II and those remain available all the time.

Any idea?
Thank you

Hi, my Hue‘s are also connected to original Hue bridge, and they are shown as „unavailable“ several times a day even though they work.
How is it with you? Are the lamps really no longer available (as if you had physically separated them)?

I don’t know… I didn’t wake up at 4AM to check… maybe I should