Hue Dimmer in Node-RED via ZHA


I am trying to use a dimmer switch, connected directly to Home Assistant using the HA ZigBee integration, in order to control some lights via Mode-RED flows.

The dimmers show up in the HA automations area to be used, I believe this is the event montoring, however I can not seem to find in it Node-RED from any nodes. I’ve tried searching but all the other examples I’ve seen are either connected via the Hue bridge, or seem to have a switch entity attached to the dimmer (which I do not).

Any help appreciated.

The dimmer switch itself is not treated as an entity, but rather allows for state changes throughout Home Assistant. While that’s not ideal for some things, that’s how it is.

This HACS plugin does a pretty nice workaround for this:

I’ve got it working now and have successfully got my Hue dimmers set up as entities now.

Thnx! This was the solution to get aqara switches in zha to work with node-red. Can confirm it works like a charm

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