Hue dimmer madness

I have a number of Philips Hue dimmer switches - a mixture of the older RWL021 and newer RWL022 - connected directly to ZHA (not via a Hue Hub). The events that get fired seem to be wildly inconsistent between the devices.

The bedroom RWL021 fires three events with the following commands when the on button is pressed: on; on_short_release; on_press
My son’s RWL021 fires two events: on; on_press
My bathroom RWL021 fires just one event: on
The bedroom RWL022 fires three events when the top button is pressed: on_short_release; on_press; off_with_effect
and then on a subsequent press: on_short_release; on; on_press
While the en-suite RWL022 just fires off_with_effect, then on a subsequent press on

They appear to have the same firmware, device type, and quirks. Can they somehow be put into a different mode?

Utility room RWL021 fires: on_short_release; on_short_release; on_press; on_press