Hue dimmer switch not updating dashboard with state of bulb

i have a weird issue with 2 of my hue dimmer switches.
i have 4 x 324131092621 and 1 x 929002398602

all added via zigbee2mqtt, all on current firmware, and all are set to do basic on/off controls via bind for a bulb (or group) in the room they are in.

i have found that 2 of the switches (bedroom and livingroom), when turning on or off light, don’t update the HA overview/dashboard screen to show that the light has changed state, the other 3 don’t have this issue.

this means that we have a light on (triggered via the dimmer switch) but the HA dashboard says it’s off (and vice versa). all the bulbs and switches have been set up identical so no idea why 2 are behaving like this.

can anyone offer any ideas?

It is not the dimmers that update the state it is the bulbs themself, unless you have made some specials setup yourself.

ok well either way the state is not being updated when i use the dimmer switches.
the state gets updated when other methods are used - ie direct from dashboard or via HomeKit.

i’ve moved the switches over to being configured with “switch manager integration” which seems to have resolved the problem, still not sure what caused the original issue though.

Did the state of the bulbs get updated in Developer Tools? If yes, it’s a dashboard issue.

not sure to be honest, i didn’t check that.