Hue dimmer switch via Remote Home Assistant - button press events unavailable

TLDR: Remote Home Assistant primary node’s logbook isn’t showing hue dimmer switch button events from secondary node.

I have a primary and a secondary instance of HAOS running, linked via Remote Home Assistant.
The secondary instance is linked to my Hue hub. The Hue hub has a couple of lights and three dimmer switches (RWL020) attached.

On the secondary instance, everything is working as expected. In the logbook, I am able to see each button event from each of the three switches. The battery sensors also show up.

On the master instance, I am able to see events for lights switching on and off when I press the corresponding buttons on the dimmer switches. The dimmer switch battery sensors show up. However, I do not see any button press events in the logbook.

I have tried to enable a bunch of the extra services in the Remote Home Assistant web UI config interface, but that did not help. I am not really sure what to try next, and would appreciate any pointers/suggestions.

Also, the actual triggers for each button are all configured on the Hue hub. I only want to log the button press events in the primary HA instance.

I will eventually be linking the Hue hub to the primary instance. The current setup was just a way to try out the Remote Home Assistant integration. But I imagine that the problem I’ve run into might be similar with other integrations in a primary/secondary Remote HA environment, and I’m hoping that I just misconfigured things.