Hue Dimmer Switch


I do have a Hue Dimmer Switch (latest model). This works fine in combination with the HUE hardware Hub and shows up in Home Assistant as expected via the HUE integration.

The issue I face is that via the HUE App / Hub I have programmed a few settings for these buttons and I want to be able to trigger exactly these from lovelace as well. I don’t want to use the switch for anything else.

If I add the dimmer switch entities to lovelace they are not real entities but event entities:


That means I can’t really use them as buttons etc. Any idea?


You cannot do that. The switch device you have is not an input, it is an output. It sends data but does not receive it. You cannot “talk to it” to say stuff like “push Dim Up”. That is simply not how these devices work. Makes sense too! How would you talk to your TV remote to tell it to press Volume Up? You can’t — the remote is a dumb sender not a smart receiver.

You need to govern the light using service calls separately, for which there are plenty of Lovelace cards.

In my case all switch button pushes goes thru Home Assistant automations, and I do not configure anything on the hubs themselves. That way there is a single source of truth, and I don’t have the problem that specific behaviors are tied specifically to specific physical devices.