Hue Dimming switch in deCONZ doesn't show in HA

In deCONZ at my Raspberry Pi 3 equipped with a RaspBee (and also in the corresponding WebApp) Philips Hue dimming switches and bulbs works fine. And having configured HA the way petepriority has described the bulbs shows there and can be controlled by that too. The dimming switches does not show however.

So what can I do to make the switches appear in HA too?

The relevant part configuring the lights in configuration.yaml is as petepriority describes:

  platform: hue

Dimmers don’t show up at all I also have dimmers but they don’t work reliable even after changing the channel I’m lost with hue and wondering how I can fix this

There’s a smart workaround I use to get Button events from hue dimmers
It is a hue mitt bridge . Can link you if u want

I am fascinated by this stick me its amazing documentation maybe someone wants to create a component for this? Would be awesome I mean there’s more possibilities than just using hue if I well understand

U might wanna use the zigbee component and try this please give feedback if the stick is supported

@thundergreen, is this the workaround you mention? Otherwise please write the link.

Nope :slight_smile: There’s a MQTT workaround from Dale Higgs… see here:

But did u get the osram and hue lights running ? It’s like the hue wont recognize my device properly … thats why i wanna use the stick. Does it work properly?

@thundergreen, I am uncertain what you mean.

I have though had the Hue bulbs and lightstrips as well as the Osram bulbs being recognised and controlled by my Hue bridge and also by deCONZ at the Raspberry Pi thru the Raspbee.

Thats cool. so u can pair them with hue and the stick? I need a reliable way for my hue and osram stuff like dimmers as well… eacht time the app say not reachable aber also the dimmers won
t work sometimes … It is really annoying having those issue.