Hue groups turn on all lights when only one is on

I have several Philips Hue bulbs in my bed room. They’re configured as a group with the Hue bridge and HA is set to use Hue groups. The problem is that if I selectively turn on one of the lights (my bedside lamp, for example), then within the next 60 seconds all of the rest of the lights in the group also automatically power on. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

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I’ve been having some strange problems with Hue for a while and until now haven’t put the time in to troubleshoot. I use Hue Groups also. They were setup using the Hue API and I allow the Hue groups in the HA integration. I don’t have the exact problem you have, but I have mixed results when using colors - sometimes one bulb will get the defined color and the other won’t. This evening I confirmed I suffer from same problem when calling two bulbs or when I call the two bulbs via hue group. I’ll follow this thread with interest and report any findings.

The problem ended up being caused by Flux. Flux was attempting to change the color temperature of the group, which meant turning on the lights that were off. I fixed the problem by configuring the individual lights in Flux, rather than the groups.