Hue import only groups/zones

Hey all, So I’m new to HA and I have got Hue setup easily, thanks for making it one click.

I can enable the group option which shows my rooms and zones perfectly. But then I get loads of hgrp-0000000006 entities (yes I know I can hide them on my dashboard). Also when I send it to HomeKit there is a bunch of stuff I dont need in HomeKit the hgrp entities and multiple lights.
Is there a way I can only import the groups and zones into HA? And not the individual bulbs?
I can then add new zones/rooms in the Hue app if I need to. I know I can create groups in HA but then the lights turn on at different times, and sometimes (rarely) not at all.

Basically I just want HA and HomeKit to be clean and only have groups/zones.